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"Learn Guitar the SMART Way"

Student Testimonial

"Anthony is an extremely knowledgeable and talented musician. His lessons are well prepared and consist of handouts, backing tracks & practical demonstration. They take place in a relaxed environment and cover a wide range of musical styles and theory as required. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his lessons to anyone."
Cameron Clark, Point Cook

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Melbourne Guitar Lessons

Is this you?

  • You’ve always wanted to learn guitar but don’t know where to start
  • You’ve played guitar for a while but feel stuck in rut playing the same old things
  • You need a more focused direction in learning guitar and music
  • You’ve tried learning guitar on YouTube but are unsure if you’re playing correctly
  • You would like your child to discover the joy of playing the guitar and music

How I Can Help

Melbourne Guitar Lessons offer lessons by a qualified and experienced guitar teacher
dedicated to help you get results in improving your guitar playing.

Guitar lessons are available for all levels of playing from beginners to intermediate and more advanced players. All ages are covered from children to adults. The lessons can be planned for your musical goals.

Guitar lessons cover essential elements of guitar playing and music including:

  • Technique – Using guitar picks & fingerstyle & correct fretboard fingering
  • Rhythm Guitar – Chords, arpeggios & more
  • Lead Guitar – Scales, modes, arpeggios, melodies, improvising & more
  • Music Reading – Reading notes (not just guitar tab) helps to learn the notes on the guitar, makes you a better musician & it makes understand music theory easier
  • Aural – learn how to hear chords, intervals and harmony to learn songs by ear

Guitar students have the option of enrolling for AMEB CPM (Contemporary Popular Music) guitar exams. The AMEB CPM syllabus helps guitarists to be adaptable for a range of musicincluding rock, blues, jazz, funk and more plus it teaches students essential guitar techniques and music theory.

So whether you want to play acoustic songs by yourself, join a rock band or learn to play the blues, guitar tution from Melbourne Guitar Lessons can help you to develop your skills and knowledge to achieve you music goals.

Lessons now online only using Google Meet.

Learning To Play The Guitar Book

Guitar Lesson Videos

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Guitar Articles

Learning To Play The Guitar Blog

Learning To Play The Guitar
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June 2012 Student Concert
The June 2012 Student Concert at Tonik Bar in Kensington was a great success with guitar and bass players of all ages and levels getting up and playing.

Beginners Tips to Buying a Guitar
When buying your first guitar you have 3 main options, nylon string acoustic (classical), steel string acoustic and the electric guitar. Each has their own pros and cons and differences in tone that makes them suit different styles of music.

Guitar Lessons for Children
Teaching guitar to kids can be quite a challenge. Initially many children think it would be cool to play guitar but then quickly discover that it’s not as easy as it looks. It requires dedication, concentration and perseverance to make progress...

Practicing Guitar
So you want to learn guitar and have played a little bit and learnt a few chords but what exactly should you practice and how often?

Why Learn Guitar
Learning to play a guitar offers a lot of benefits. If there's one thing you should learn in your lifetime, it's how to play an instrument.


For more information or to book a lesson call Anthony on 0408 058 525 or email [email protected]